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When I came to Clarissa a month ago (9 private sessions so far), I was in so much pain from arthritis I was in tears. Today, I’m remarkably better with noticeably less pain, and I can only attribute it to Clarissa, as the typical arthritis medications don’t work for me and I haven’t even begun physical therapy yet. I’ve been off work for two months due to my condition and my inability to perform my job functions as a flight attendant. I have severe degenerative osteoarthritis in my hands, knees, shoulders and entire spine, pinched nerves & possible herniated discs in both my neck and lower back, and horribly painful sacroiliitis. Clarissa has worked intensively with me to help build my core muscles to support my spine, and find stretches and yoga positions that help ease my back and neck pain and sciatica, while going easy on my hands and knees where I have no cartilage to rely on for support. It’s been no small feat for her to adapt to my multiple skeletal and pain issues, but she has risen to the task and been extraordinarily sensitive and encouraging every step of the way. My first goal is to go back to work, and I feel like I’m almost ready, thanks to this wonderful young lady. I highly recommend Clarissa Hidalgo without reservation!

-Brenda Johnson

I’ve added additional yoga to my fight against MS. Last week I went to Adaptive Yoga at Sukha. Clarissa is amazing! I felt blood flow in my legs it was pretty darn exciting! I urge everyone to try this class, Wonderful things are happening here. 11:00-12:30 Thursdays at Sukha. This is for everyone not just MS, RA, Parkonsons… EVERYONE and ANYONE that has some physical limitations. We learn how to get the most out of a pose with the use of props.

Every body is different, but EVERYBODY can do this!

-Rhonda Boyle

Clarissa is the best! Since I’ve been working with her I’ve increased my flexibility, strength and stamina. She is very intuitive and adapts postures to my specific needs and abilities. I’d highly recommend her!

-Emily Bois

She is incredible. Helped me feel less disabled and more abled. Through her patience, experience and care she has absolutely helped one who was thought to be wheelchair bound forever… not true.
She has helped my core and strength where I feel wonderful and able to walk in ways I never thought. Thank you

-Brett Green

“Love Clarissa! She has brought so much peace to my life. She has helped align my inner chi, helped me relax, brought balance and taught me how to breathe. She’s the best at restorative yoga and adaptive yoga. I had many injuries due to sports and her yoga has made my muscles stronger as well as reduced pain from arthritis, scoliosis and deg disc disease.”

-Mirela Mendoza

“Clarissa led an amazing guided session and truly helped me relax. Upon our initial meeting I felt like she just knew my limits which was perfect. She also taught different variations of yoga moves for all to follow along.

Can’t wait to have another session soon ☺️

-Angelica Souza

“This amazing woman is my personal trainer, and she’s really helped me! She is very knowledgeable and patient, perfect for people with challenges. She’s helped me SO much with my Fibromyalgia. I feel like I can’t live without her!I’m inspired by her resilience. She manages her MS with Yoga. She’s helped me manage my Fibromyalgia, and I love it. I highly recommend her! “

-Dawn Kelly

“Clarissa’s passion and knowledge of yoga shines through every single class I have had with her! I have been working with her for about a year and have seen so many improvements with my mind and body. Yoga can sometimes be intimidating but Clarissa makes it so accessible no matter your skill level. I can not recommend her enough!!”

-Felisha Gonzalez