3BCA9715-4C25-47BC-BDD0-E7CAF9F1082EClarissa Hidalgo (BA, RYT 200) resides in Merced, CA. Clarissa received her BA in Psychology from the University of California, Merced in 2012. She obtained her yoga teacher certification in the Spring of 2017 and owns her own private yoga business, Clarissa Hidalgo Yoga. Clarissa is an Accessible Yoga Ambassador and a proud advocate of yoga for all. Elected 2018 Central Valley Walk MS Ambassador, she finds various ways to volunteer and give back to the central valley community as a whole. Clarissa runs in person, in studio, and online yoga sessions. She partners with organizations and small businesses for events throughout the California Central Valley. For more information on private sessions, contracted or volunteer work and events please email chidalgoucm@gmail.com



Established in 2017, Clarissa Hidalgo is an RYT Certified central valley California yoga instructor. She runs all types of yoga courses from vinyasa, restorative, prenatal, chair yoga, etc… In person or online, she truly offers yoga for Everybody.
Her specialty practice is in adaptive or accessible yoga, yoga for everybody and mind. She is certified through the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in Adaptive Yoga for MS. Running both in-person and online private sessions for clients; she customizes and modifies routines for just about any issue you can think of.


In Clarissa’s classes she emphasizes the importance of breath and self-awareness while embracing the beauty of modifications and self-love through life’s ever changing moments. Her yogic practice embraces Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, and Restorative Yoga. Yet to this day, her specialty remains in Accessible or Adaptive Yoga for All.

Clarissa has profected her practice to fit the needs of the people while strengthening their minds, hearts, and bodies with self-love and sheer strength and empowerment. She is an Accessible Yoga Ambassador and a proud advocate of yoga for everyone. With a love of pilates added to her practice, and an emphasis on breathe and self-awareness. Her teachings can and will offer something different for everybody. Clarissa offers in person, and studio sessions as well as online classes.

Her personal philosophy is, YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE, EVERYTHING, AT ANY TIME!!



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