Doula FAQ

We all want our labors to go as planned. Yet often there are hiccups, health concerns, and other issues which complicate birth. We can lose control and calm when in a difficult situation; we can even feel as though we’ve lost our voice in the midst of health care professionals and relatives who love us. Whether you’re having a home birth or birthing in a hospital, a birth doula can give you a sense of peace and comfort unlike any other.

My job is to be your advocate. To hammer out all necessary and messy details to ensure a safe and healthy birth for you, your partner, and your baby.

To listen to your body and mind, to be your loud “NO” when necessary during the throws of birth. Doulas are more than just an experienced guide, they can be one of the best choices you make about your labor.


These services can be tailored to your own birthing needs.


When so much is unplanned and unpredictable right now, how much is your peace of mind worth? Babies are born everyday, and it’s my job as YOUR birth doula to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible from start to finish. Pricing for Doula Services, Packaging, and all things Prenatal coming soon in 2021

    What is a Birth Doula? This is the #1 question that I get to this day, what are we?! Doula ARE NOT medical doctors, or registered nurses, or nannies, or housekeepers. Yet we can assist different professionals in making theirs and most importantly your role during labor more comfortable and Well for starters, doulas can be many things. Doulas are a support partner before, during and after birth. Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible during the birthing process while still utilizing all of the tools in our toolbox to mitigate the journey. These tools can include:
  • Breathework training
  • Guidance through mindfulness and meditation practice
  • Pre and Postnatal Planning
  • Resourcing your Birth team and professionals for post birth
  • Providing support emotionally, mentally, and physically
  • Answering queries related to pregnancy, birth, etc
  • Assist with breastfeeding
  • Provide education
  • Answering questions for all birthing partners
  • Training to recognize when medical intervention is needed
And So Much More! As doulas, we strive for a healthy birth through and through, we recognize the strength in our sisterhood and in our community. We advocate for our mamas and daddies, we make things happen. We provide that push when needed or that tender helping hand when wanted. We stick to YOUR plan, and make sure your birth goes as much how you wanted as possible. How common are doulas in birth? Actually, pretty common! On the east coast of the US, many women use doula services before, during, and after pregnancy. As well as in many other areas around the world. We surround ourselves with wonderful communities of women before, during and after childbirth. Yet shouldn’t everyone be allowed to enjoy freely the fruit of labor? Especially you? That’s a birth doulas job. To take care of the little bits and pieces during childbirth everyone forgets about. To orchestrate and be the backbone of your birthing team. To mother the mother. After all, it takes a village.   Got a question? Get it answered here and you might see it on the site!