Accessible Yoga Training

San Francisco March 1-3, 2019, it was definitely a weekend to remember. Arranging things 3 weeks ahead of time was tight , yet it was meant to be. This training was in my path like so many other things. From housing with a dear friend in the same building, to the very close BART station off 16th & Mission. Fate describes exactly how the pieces of my life now fit together.

Anyway, I was ecstatic to say the least. My first Accessible Yoga Conference in 2017 happened in the same sort of way, full of uncertainty, yet one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I met so many important and amazing friends within the Accessible Yoga Community, it was incredible. Feeling like I was in the right place at the right time was nothing short of inspirational to my practice and my soul. It was written, and exactly what I needed.

Nevertheless, I knew I was in good hands. The 2017 Accessible Yoga Conference SF had taught me where I was meant to be, and this training was only adding fuel to the fire as I head where I need to go.

So I began this training in the same sort of mindset as I have attempted to maintain all along, full of curiosity and looking at it all with a “beginners mind”.

It all began slow, with much review and words about what was to come over the course of the weekend, it would be intense and so informative, and I was ready. This training was long overdue for me.

We quickly jumped into hands-on work, my forte. I was so used to working with the body in practice almost everyday, assisting and breathing with my clients through difficult times.

We were put into groups, taught individually one on one, and very suddenly, my cohort became one as we knew we could only come closer over the weekend, and I began an incredible experience.

First off, my hostess was extremely gracious and humbling, welcoming me into her home in every sort of way, and ending Monday morning with a strong sense that this was not goodbye, but see you later. I loved every bit of my stay with this woman, who’s strong and sensible attitude eerily reminded me of all of my grandmothers put together.

There were lots of “aha” moments, with plenty of inquisitive looks and questions to be asked. And although there was so much I had already learned on my own with my own practice, so many more possibilities opened up for me. And although I had already seen the world in a Accessible way, it made me realize that we can literally make anything and everything accessible, and asking and telling are our superpowers. I felt overwhelmingly appreciative of my own as well as everyone else’s talents in my presence and the great cohesion we were creating with it.

I was grateful, humbled, and hungry. We are the first but not nearly the last of our kind as accessible yoga ambassadors. I am proud to call myself not only a member, volunteer, and advocate of accessible yoga, but a creator as well.

And Accessible Yoga welcomes everybody. Be sure to visit: for the latest upcoming trainings and for upcoming events

Until next time everyone!


Clarissa Hidalgo

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