I have been meaning to welcome everyone to this site since I launched, yet life is always crazy and the universe never seizes to surprise me of what it can do when you say you’re ready. Nevertheless, I am here. Present, healing, always evolving in every way and sense of being.

So welcome to the journey everyone, so pleased to have you here; now let’s get started. In my short 27 years of life I have experienced a bit of it all and I’m here to share it with you all, past, present, and future interwoven through my yoga practice, my parenthood journey, and just life in general. I am not afraid and you will find that I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I will cycle through many feelings, a variety of posts on a bit of everything.  I will post what I feel as well as what I know. We’ll begin by learning my stories one by one, each says something significant about my life overall. If you can relate, leave a comment. If you cannot and would like to know more, understand, empathize, or anything else, please comment. Comment comment comment all! We understand through asking, knowing, claiming parts of each others stories.

Namaste and stay tuned everyone!


Love, Clarissa


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